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Cloudventure Peak

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The best lightweight shoe for trail racing with Missiongrip™ .

The aggressive grip pattern of the Missiongrip™ outsole digs into soft trail surfaces. The versatile "sticky" rubber layer provides grip on rough and slippery surfaces. Zero-Gravity Clouds at the heel allow for soft landings for top performance on dizzying slopes.

Cloudventure Peak offers great comfort thanks to the supportive inner sock construction. The upper shoe is made of extremely light yet durable ripstop material, which combines breathability, protection and just the right amount of stretch. The supportive taping adds more hold so that you can give everything while trail racing.

The revised Cloudventure Peak ON Shoe offers even more competition performance with its new Swiss-engineered updates. For instance, the new Speedboard™: split at the forefoot and narrow at the midfoot for torsion and responsive agility on uneven terrain. Power up. Power down. Power ON Shoes.

Trail running, trail racing, hill repeats

260 g
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