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Dot GPN jkt W

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Dot GPN Jacket is the pocket-sized rainproof and windproof jacket with a small footprint, fully heat-taped 100% waterproof, made with a graphene printed membrane. Graphene is a material consisting of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal shape. Coupled to the fabric, it ensures maximum performance and comfort thanks to its properties: Thermoregulation: protects against atmospheric agents, letting the body breathe. Antistatic: disperses accumulations of electrostatic charge. Hygiene: prevents the proliferation of bacteria and avoids bad odors. Drying: facilitates rapid drying of the fabric. The special hexagonal graphene print transfers the heat generated by the body from the hottest parts to the less hot ones, improving blood circulation. Thanks to the "second skin" fitting, it remains adherent to the body, minimizing friction, restoring an aerodynamic effect. A multipurpose, versatile and universal garment, to be used over a shirt to improve protection from air and water.

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