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Are you looking for summer and winter items for your adrenaline-pumping adventures? You're in the right place! Patagonia brand sports and outdoor clothing items will win you over. Do you already have everything you need for your outdoor outings, but need a suitable pair of shoes? Try La Sportiva shoes, perfect for all sports activities. Take a look at the footwear collection now, to protect your feet and give you maximum comfort among the mountain trails.
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74 products

Patagonia sportswear: designed for the whole family

The Patagonia brand thinks of everyone: in the Lagazoi shop you will find Patagonia clothing collections for women and men, as well as a section dedicated to garments for children. The clothing of this international brand is ideal for those who, like you, are looking for clothing that is not bulky, such that it can be stored, when necessary, inside the backpack. Worried that rain and wind will ruin your adventures? No problem. Patagonia products are designed to protect you from a variety of weather events, so you can enjoy your outdoor days in peace. Another benefit of Patagonia sportswear is its elasticity: don't miss the opportunity to wear garments that will make your movements more fluid; in addition, the softness of the fabric prevents skin irritation from rubbing, allowing you to wear the garments for hours without having any discomfort. What are you waiting for? Visit the shop now to discover lots of items, ideal for exploring nature days.

Patagonia brand: why choose it on the Lagazoi shop

What Lagazoi wants is to offer you only the best; that's why the Alta Badia brand collaborates with brands like Patagonia, whose values of eco-sustainability and focus on sustainable and fair trade work it espouses and shares. For this reason, all the garments you find in the shop have Fair Trade certification, which testifies that the people who sewed the product were rewarded for what they did. In addition, all garments are made from recycled materials, another issue on which Lagazoi is very sensitive. But what if a garment gets ruined after a lot of use? Patagonia has the perfect solution for you: Patagonia sportswear can be repaired free of charge, making these garments something that will accompany you on all your adventures. Therefore, Patagonia's collection, available on the Lagazoi online store, is an ideal choice for having unique clothing with you in any season. The materials chosen and the impeccably studied design make Patagonia a must-have in your closet for both urban and technical clothing. Don't miss this opportunity! Check out the Patagonia-branded collection now to enjoy adrenaline-filled moments any time of year.